Photo of a man walking through a city square Photo of a man cleaning the side of a building Photo of a man sitting alone on a park benchPhoto of a man sittting at a bus stop Photo of a man trudging a bike Photo of a man walking past a museum wallPhoto of a woman walking down the street Photo of reflections in a shop window Photo of a man walking up stairs Photo of a rubbish man doing his rounds Photo of a man sitting in a cafe Photo of people sitting in a store window Photo of large poles in a city Photo of metal balls on a walkwayPhoto of a alleyway in FlorencePhoto of a man walking down a large open corridor Photo of a woman walking up stairs, with first-of-frame film burn below Photo of a person waiting outside a store Photo of a busy street corner Photo of a rubbish man doing his rounds Photo of a man in a stairwellPhoto of a woman standing in a clearing in the city Photo of a person walking down the street Photo of a woman sitting looking at the photographer Photo of a man standing against a wall Photo of a man standing on a jettyPhoto of a small boy sitting on a hill Photo of two people on a bench by the waterside Photo of a large building on the beachPhoto of a child standing at the sea shore